What happens when when gdrive upload limit is hit when using VFS?

So I’m using the (amazing!) VFS mode with a mount, and I’m writing directly to that mount. I’ve got 'vfs-cache-mode=writer’s set.

So my question is, when I’ve hit my daily upload quota, what will the VFS do with the file? Will it only keep it locally up till the vfs-max-age time?

I’m asking because I noticed a large amount of content missing from a recent upload, but I believe it’s because I went over my 24h upload quota. Thanks! :smiley:

p.s please add a limiter so that I can make sure I don’t go over my daily quota, or point me in the direction to it :slight_smile:

Listed here:


–vfs-cache-mode writes
In this mode files opened for read only are still read directly from the remote, write only and read/write files are buffered to disk first.

This mode should support all normal file system operations.

If an upload fails it will be retried up to --low-level-retries times.

So once it fails the low level retries, that’s it and it won’t try to reupload it.

Any idea what happens to the file once it fails all the retries? Does it just get deleted?

Yep, it does get deleted. You could use the --bwlimit flag but it will limit both the upload and download.

Awh that sucks, is there any way to make it so it doesn’t get removed and it just tries to upload again after a certain amount of time?

Rclone cache supported the limit - but I switched to VFS which is better in every way. If the limit could be included there as well, life would be perfect :slight_smile:

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Yes this is a limitation of the vfs layer at the moment, one I hope to fix eventually!

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Please could you also consider including a local cache for files that fail to upload, and then to try again after a set time frame?

Thanks! :smiley:

Can you please make a new issue on github about this so I don’t forget please - thanks!

Here it is, if anyone would like a similar feature, might I ask that you use the reaction feature on GitHub to show your support :slight_smile:

maybe we can combine this with issue 2327? :slight_smile: