What happens when rate limited on mount

If i moves file-1.mkv to my mounted /mnt/drive but i'm rate limited for the day, what happens to that file? it sits on my hdd continually trying to upload until the rate limit is lifted, then uploads and is no longer on my hdd?

I think you mean if you are hit your 750GB upload quota? If you are trying to copy a file, it would fail with an IO error I believe.

It actually didnt fail which is the weird thing. It seems to have waited. I checked when I woke up and it was on my google drive.

If you have a log file, much easier to look at rather than guessing.

Files that try to upload AFTER you hit the rate-limit (currently transferring files will always finish) will just sit and retry until the rate-limit lifts, or fail if it runs out of retries. The amount of retries can be configured.

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