What does this error mean?

Jan 28 02:09:32 spotter rclone[17382]: 2020/01/28 02:09:32 ERROR : crypt/3ckb4uebd8tlpa7b597ac2s2io/p6uolts5vh1ej34r61hafqei5l8m3802b1etf0kous106ernrceg/b2i2lbq67up3m9et9smhmsucmo/0fgt55cnno99kulh6kee7d7rlnslerdvnm1nf0tf33cumbcite6h4u38mm9okuc3mu70obfc6sv3ja86c8llfk9je50b4pb9tf8phfublb9lli4ck2kijt9b25fthbr11u9lthc0ht05204enpt4b55m60: unexpected conditions during reading. current position: 2741056912, current chunk position: 2736783360, current chunk size: 3538944, offset: 4273552, chunk size: 10M, file size: 2741106408

Jan 28 02:09:59 spotter rclone[17382]: 2020/01/28 02:09:59 ERROR : crypt/3ckb4uebd8tlpa7b597ac2s2io/p6uolts5vh1ej34r61hafqei5l8m3802b1etf0kous106ernrceg/b2i2lbq67up3m9et9smhmsucmo/60dn0jb4a98bej6ghuhas2m5sd9u3rtauhu9kc47lsf4vtvnoo3bd5o2vj9jhhpudfijoct1fr9dsffatsaj2vc4qivrtcvcrjmnpc9qshmau26ruc7h4mkjnrl684rb6qrh4noaulha82ds6hq16ppias: (0/2653619935) error (chunk not found 0) response

It happens every so often on my encrypted gdrive. Is it something I should be concerned about?

It comes from this bit of code in the cache backend

        // not found in ram or
        // the worker didn't managed to download the chunk in time so we abort and close the stream
        if err != nil || len(data) == 0 || !found {
                if r.workers == 0 {
                        fs.Errorf(r, "out of workers")
                        return nil, io.ErrUnexpectedEOF

                return nil, errors.Errorf("chunk not found %v", chunkStart)

So I don't think it is a serious problem and it should probably fix itself the next time I guess.

ok, makes sense, placing a load on it, timeouts could be expected.

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