What does Moved (server side) mean?

i'm new to rclone, i'm trying to sync a Onedrive account with a local folder, with the command
rlcone sync -vv remote:/ --backup-dir /mnt/disk1/Onedrive.Rclone.Backup/$date /mnt/disk1/Onedrive.Rclone
i'm looking at the log to diagnose some issue, after two consecutive run, i still find about 100 files (400mb) in the -backup dir (ofc they did not change).
The file that keep being duplicated have this info log line :
2020/04/12 13:06:04 INFO : WP_20170306_005.mp4: Moved (server side)
What does it mean ?

hello and welcome to the forum,

some, but not all, remotes and local systems are able to move a file from one folder to another folder.
rclone will simply move that file from folder to folder.
if rclone can that, it is called a server-side move.

however, some remotes cannot simply move files from one folder to another folder.
instead rclone will be forced to copy the file to a new location and then delete the original file


thanks, i understand that, but if i call "rclone sync remote => local", why does it do a server side move ?

Edit :
Ho maybe i understood, "server side" it's just generic meaning with native moving capability, if it's doing it locally it still calls it "server side", is it ?

you are using flag --backup-dir,
which will need to moves files from
mnt/disk1/Onedrive.Rclone to /mnt/disk1/Onedrive.Rclone.Backup/$date
so in this case, the server is your local computer.

also when testing sync, which can delete files in the dest, you can use flag --dry-run

i did not think at local folder as a kind of remote, btw server side is not a great word, maybe remote is more appropriate.


i guess to be accurate, using rclone terminology.

remote and local filesystem are a subset of storage systems.


Yes that is correct! I see where your confusion came from. The core of rclone just works on remotes implemented by backends. Some of those remotes can be implemented by the local backend...

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