What do you think about the official Amazon Drive desktop app?

What do you think about the official Windows app? What are the limitations, how well is it working (or not)? How is rclone better and why is such a big deal that it isn’t working anymore with ACD?

(I can’t really keep a straight face while I’m typing this but I’m sure sooner or later somebody from Amazon will visit this thread so maybe it would be beneficial to spell out what we all know and take for granted already).

Apparently they don’t even care Linux users.
I’m Linux only, so rclone is my only choice.

While I use Windows for my daily driver (certain apps require it), all of my server side is *nix. I still use rclone for other cloud services, but the ACD client doesn’t support Linux, and the support in 3rd party clients seems to be narrowing every day.

I’ll continue to use ACD as a failover in the event of catastrophic loss, but I wont ever use it as a primary backup space.

rclone worked around ACD’s arbitrary limits, constant errors and crappy API. It provided a simple familiar interface that most of us Linux Ops understood. From a development standpoint @ncw created a brilliant piece of software (by far, much better than acd_cli and Amazons own client in my opinion).

I will continue to support work on rclone, as it still works brilliantly for other cloud hosts.

I hope to see it eventually be able to access ACD again at some point, but that’s up to Amazon. I don’t really hold out much hope for any action on their behalf.

The “official” Windows desktop app, on Windows 10 at least, is complete and total rubbish. I have installed it on a number of different PCs, laptops at work and at home. It crashes. It keeps claiming “No Internet Connection” when the world is fine.

When I have raised these issues with Amazon they send me patronising template emails about checking my WiFi and moving closer to the router and even trying a wired connection - without first asking what I am doing. They really don’t care. Probably because they know how bad it is.

When it starts working the transfer speeds are terrible, up and down. On the same hardware/OS rclone used to saturate the 'net connections, both at home and at work.

Same experiences here. The UI is also terrible. I think I found it worse because I moved to Amazon from Google, and Google’s drive App is just so solid, reliable and intuitive it makes ACD’s app look bad.

So in a way, I’m glad the recent ACD ban forced me back (although I’m not really using the Google drive app now, I do it all with rclone).

I tried the desktop app for Windows, many files over 1gb won’t get uploaded completely, just stays at 99 or 100% and uploads for another two hours and then repeats.
I thought you could upload files larger than this without any problem?
All other sync apps having the same issue.

Btw. Check out syncovery it’s by far the best sync solution out there, even much better than odrive also has a Linux CLI.

It will not sync files with long filenames even though they are allowed in the cloud.

What does long mean? Filenames aren’t longer than 30 letters.
The upload of the files completed but takes hours and many retries so usually for 30gb of files I need to upload over 150gb until everything is done.

I didn’t want to set the tone of the thread but here’s my take too. First of all feature-wise the app is barren (somehow surprisingly it’s much better than the official app ACD had for about the first year which didn’t really do much useful, I mean it wasn’t even pretending to do…). I didn’t have high expectations, I wanted just to have it sync (actually just upload) a not-so-big folder with backups. We’re talking about 20-30 files, from tens of megs to 2GB, small names, NOTHING fancy.

Some background: my structure in ACD (what I had already thanks to rclone) is with less than 10 “first-level” folders although I do have quite a few files there (mostly digital camera pics, think rclone copy “My Pictures” crypt:/backup/ and I don’t have a digital camera since yesterday…).

First of all when just configuring the desktop client it takes an unbelievable amount of time (40-90 minutes) to show me the “first level” folder structure so I can chose which folders to sync. Then when I chose D:\ as local ACD folder the folder is actually “D:\Amazon Drive”; well never mind. I have on ACD two folders test (empty) and test2 (with a few test files inside). I chose test it makes an empty D:\Amazon Drive\test; I click the checkbox for test2 nothing happens (test2 is not created locally, no files are downloaded).

Whatever, I have a “test” folder which seem to sync (as in upload from computer to ACD) fine with small files. It is even uploading with 4 threads. Now comes the bad part: giving it the 2GB files. All hell brakes loose. At first it goes and reads them concurrently (which for spinning rust means something like 15MB/s total!). Then after an inordinate amount of time it settles down and starts uploading at some pathetic speed (15Mbit/s) KEEPING ALL MY CORES AT 100%. I’ve seen a lot of activity on the local db (it is probably keeping a db of all blocks -luckily my system disk is a fast SSD- and attempting some deduplication) but this is really something; I have probably the fastest x86 cores (and enough of them) and this small thingy (I wouldn’t even call it app) is keeping them busy forever!

In short: for me it didn’t crash but it just isn’t fit for the purpose. Not just mine, I wouldn’t imagine how this would be useful to anybody having more than I don’t know 2-10-50GB (not TB!) of files.

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So you experiencing the same shit. My processor is not heavily used but for some reason my hdd is at 100% all the time for the files over 1gb it gets stuck with.

Maybe they changed something over the past week, cause I still can remember uploading files bigger weren’t a problem at all before I switched to rclone.

Well at first it does crunch and crunch through the files on the drive but eventually (tens of minutes, hours?) it’s done (in the sense that it stops hitting the drive) and the upload seems to be in progress but doesn’t seem to finish ever (we’re talking 10-15GB or something in total!) even overnight (with basically infinite bandwidth available compared to the 10-20 Mbit/s used). Of course, it never finishes and keeps my cores occupied; I don’t know how and why but it might be actually something really stupid: if I click on “view” to see what is transferred the apps looks like it might be having a nervous breakdown blinking “sync” from each thread.

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Since this night upload works correct again, didn’t test with the native Amazon Drive app again, but with all my sync apps it work’s like a charm.
Not one error or any retry.

Can you confirm this @e12

I’m using acd-cli since it came back and I uninstalled the official app as it was killing my machine. It is amazing how far apart are the apps that just do their job well enough, quietly and efficiently from the official app that falls apart even in somehow favorable conditions.