What are the recommended permissions for Rclone files on Linux?

Can somebody tell me the permissions that are necessary for the following files on Linux??

  1. rclone.conf
  2. mounting_script.service
  3. log file
  4. mounting directory (/mnt/*)


A lot of these questions will be answered by this post, in which Animosity (moderator and rclone+Linux Veteran) shares his setup details, script, Plex and more:

Start with that, and if you feel anything is missing, come back here and ask.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the requested info from the link.

All I saw was the umask for the folder where the mount is mounted.

It's really an open ended question as it matters for you what they are.

The rclone.conf probably should be only read/writeable by your own user.

Services usually only writeable by root so no one else can write to them.

Log file. Whatever you need. Could be your user, could be open. Depends on your requirements.

Cloud storage has no concept of user permissions so we use umask to set them to what we want. For my instance, I leave them 775, which is a 002 umask.

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