What are the best settings for rclone on Windows 10 connected to plex using a Google Team Drive?

Hi, I want to know if there is an expert for my case who can help me here.

Here is my setup.

Windows 10 Pro 1809 operating system runing on a Dell Optiplex 7010 (i5-3670 3.4GHz) with 10GB ram DDR3 1333MHz. 2 HDD, 1 at 2TB 7200RPM inside the system with Windows on a 250GB partition, the rest is for my downloaded DATA. I also have an external USB 3.0 7200RPM 2TB drive that I use as data storage.

This system is connected on a 1000Mbps cable with a 400mbps Internet. It runs Plex, latest version.

Now I have configured my access correctly witht the API token on the Google website. I launch rclone with a batch file for testing purpose for the moment. I will later convert this command into a run registry key for stating when the system boot.

Here is the command:
rclone mount Plex: X: --allow-other --dir-cache-time 48h --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 2G --buffer-size 1G --vfs-cache-mode writes --fast-list

Now what I want is to link my Team Drive with unlimited storage without using any local cache like I do where I move files I have finished and want to keep as an archive folder still linked into Plex. Currently, I find these settings to be not good because I can’t read my uncompressed Marvel blu rays backups on the Team Drive without buffering. When I read them locally, there are no problemes at all. Also, Plex indexing is abnormally long. It was faster with Google Stream Drive that uses a cache.

What are the best settings I can use? What should I modify? What are your experience with rclone and Windows?

Thank you all.

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