What are some google teams mount parameters you could recommend me?

I'm trying rclone mount and I get a lot of stutter when I open multimedia files.
I was wondering which parameters do you recommend in order to mount a remote encrypted teams drive on a LINUX machine and get better performance.

There is a large thread about rclone mount for media files here;

Yeah, that seems a bit old, since the thread is more than a year old.
In previous experience with rclone, I know there's a substantial difference in some aspects with rclone from a year ago to today, so after searching, I didn't find anything conclussive (and up to date) and wanted to ask.

EDIT: Scratch that, if I scroll down, there are som up to date answers :slight_smile:

My thread is updated with the current settings that work best with Plex and rclone with Google Drive for me. It's definitely not dated.