Webdav serve http pages also

Its fairly typical to have a davs server also serve GET/HEAD requests and serve pages in the same was as the http server does while also serving PROPFIND and other DAVS type methods. Any thought on allowing this in rclone? Right now when I moved from nginx, I need to serve two ports. One for http and one for davs where as before I could combine them into a single service.

It would be easy to do… basically have a flag for rclone serve webdav which runs rclone serve http too. Is that what you mean?

As for whether it is common or not - I don’t know, but it seems reasonably sensible.

What I mean is a single rclone process serving both webdav and http on the same port (Just depends on hte method requested really). In the nginx installations I’ve used/seen nginx would serve both the regular GET/HEAD requests along with the DAVS PROPFIND and others. From an http perspective, its just another set of methods GET, POST, HEAD, PUT DELETE MKCOL COPY MOVE all served when WEBDAV is used. In this way, with a browser it behaves like a regular http server but also serves as a webdav volume.

Yes that is what I meant too, I just didn’t express myself very well!

If you make a new issue on github I’ll have a look at doing it - I don’t think it is very difficult - it just involves jiggling the http handlers about a bit.


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