Web GUI progress report

Hello. I've just started using the Web GUI, and I really like it! I'm doing a sync between my local drive and google drive, and the GUI is great for a progress report, except it could be better. stats logs a little more info that would be great to have in the GUI.

Here's what I can see using stats:
Transferred: 1.195G / 62.546 GBytes, 2%, 464.619 kBytes/s, ETA 1d14h27m39s
Checks: 4299 / 4299, 100%
Transferred: 2 / 86, 2%
Elapsed time: 45m1.4s

The Web GUI doesn't show the overall GB to be transferred and the overall progress (2% above), not does it who the overall ETA. Finally, it doesn't show to the total number of files to be transferred (86 above). It would be great to have stats in the dashboard of the web GUI. All the stuff in bold above is not shown in the GUI, but would be great if it were.

Those things are available in the API now (they didn't used to be) so why don't you open a new issue on Github with your very helpful bolded text above.

For reference the API was expanded in this commit which was released in v1.55.0

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