Warning: Amazon.DE if you are not from Germany/Austria

And since crypt can’t do a hash check there’s no way to confirm except to download all the files as a test. :frowning:

You got me thinking now atm iam doing rclone copy acd:/crypt acduk:/crypt and i did the same with gdrive ( so iam worried that they cancle my account before i make a copy to new acd as who knows what could be corrupted on gdrive )

Maybe copying would be safer if rclone copy acdcrypt: gdrive:/crypt eg copying from unencrypted source.
I would test it but atm cant spare any bandwith.

Even acd to acd is close to double transfer compared to actual copied size eg:

rclone size acduk:
Total objects: 637
Total size: 249.705 GBytes (268118306831 Bytes)

Transferred: 443.101 GBytes (88.944 MBytes/s)
Errors: 1
Checks: 0
Transferred: 636
Elapsed time: 1h25m1.3s

p.s. @Stokkes what kind % of corruption did you have.


That’s the thing it’s impossible to know.

I’d have to write a script to crawl through my entire 32TB structure, download one file at a time and ensure the file downloaded correctly and move to the next one.

The only way I found out is that I was playing an episode from google while doing some tests and having failures yet I knew the episode worked since I had watched it a few days before streamed from ACD

When I move data between remotes, I always copy the encrypted sources. It saves time from decryptin and then encrypting again.

That may be the way to do it, but not for the reason you specify. The encryption/decryption process happens very quickly according to @ncw that I do not believe it should have a noticeable impact.

However, since you’re copying the encrypted source, rclone will do a hash check.

@ncw is this a viable work around for the time being, assuming we use the same encryption passphrases for both remotes, would doing a:

rclone sync acd: gd:

Be the same as doing

rclone sync acdcrypt: gdcrypt:

But provide hashing between remotes?

Actually with crypt we dont get hashing but coping rencrypted files directly ( eg acd:/crypt gdrive:/crypt hashing is working. ( @ncw correct me if iam wrong)
I wonder if we may be we could make a ffmpeg script that checks all file as ffmpeg should report if video is corrupted. ( not 100% sure. )

@Stokkes could you run rclone check acd:/crypt gdrive:/crypt as this should show all corrupted files.


Once your account is blocked due unprocessed payment, you can still download the files BUT upload is blocked.
@ncw rclone still uploads files without any errors, but they never show on the drive.

Wow, tnx for the heads up… I’ll go create another drive @ co.uk.

What’s the quickest way to check your endpoint btw?

Amazon EU datacenter is in Ireland.

How do you manage to use ACD with the .co.uk, do you live in the UK? If you do not, isn’t it the same thing as with .de? I am in same situation as you and would really like to know what to do :worried:

It could be exactly the same situation, I dont know but I have quite few friends from UK and worst case I will ask them to pay for my account.

I was in contact with Amazon.co.uk regarding their Cloud Drive and it is the same as with Amazon.de. On the other hand I was also in contact with US Amazon and they permit Cloud Drive usage for non US citizens.

So I guess US ACD it is. A bit unrelated question, what is the best way to sync from rclone crypted ACD (.de) to ACD (.com)?

Where are you based if I may ask, and what creditcard was denied?

Slovenia EU

Here you have the email from them where they list allowed countries for amazon.de

I decided to switch back to ACD DE, since i have far better peering with Germany compared to UK (servers are in Ireland)
To counter the limitations I found solution by opening a German bank account & credit card free of charge at : https://n26.com/ as for address I open also one free of charge at: https://www.tiptrans.com

The funny part is that Iam using Amazon services since late September 2016 and was moving all the data within 90 days free trial period.

First I had around 8TB on Amazon US that I moved to Amazon DE, just before US trial expired, then I moved 38TB to Amazon UK, since after my DE trial expired they did not take my payment options.

Now Iam in process of moving 58TB from Amazon UK ( 25 days of trial left ) to Amazon DE.

My rclone/server process:
1. DOWNLOAD SERVER ( Radarr, Sonarr, Ombi, Nzbget, Transmission ) - own server
Upload/Move downloaded media to ACD UK

2. PLEX SERVER ( Plex Media Server, PlexPy ) - own server
Rclone mount to acdcrypt

3.SYNC SERVER ( rclone sync ) - hosted at online.net
rclone sync from ACD UK to GDRIVE ( sync acduk:/crypt gdrive:/crypt )
rclone sync from GDRIVE Movies & Series to GDRIVECLOUD ( unecrypted gsuites.org gdrive that Iam using for Plex Cloud )
rclone sync from gdrive:/crypt to acdDE:/crypt

Since there is quite a lot of overheard with rclone copy/sync I doubt I will manage to transfer all data within 25 days.
As far as I remember there was from 30 to 50% of overhead eg to transfer 60TB i will actually need to transfer around 90TB and hopefully I will get average speed of 50MB ( since other syncs are also running on same server ).
With 50MB average speed it will transfer 4,2TB daily * 25 days = 105 TB.

Current overhead:

Note: You cant really compare it until its finished since it takes a while before files appear on ACD.

Once I transfer everything to ACD DE I will need to re-sync it with current GDRIVE & GDRIVECLOUD so all modification dates are set ( ACD dont support setting modification date ) and rescan all my Plex Library so its updated with latest mod dates.

The reason for that is so I can switch Plex from ACD to GDRIVE without Plex detecting any kind of changes.

Hopefully the tips for free German bank account and address will be useful to others that encounter same limitation.

Don’t they accept virtual credit cards?

Did you use a German address?

I used German address that i created on tiptrans as for virtual cards dunno, for now i just entered directly German Bank account ( on which i transferred money )

Had the same issue, but managed to enter my credit card via the Amazon website itself, and not via the cloud drive website. Don’t remember exactly how I did it, but it’s definitely possible!

I did not have problem entering the card or address, but when trial was over my credit card was not accepted.

UPDATE: Since my Sync server is quite busy and average transfer speed was between 60 and 70MB I decided use google compute free trial, so I open a VM there and transfer speeds are amazing:

i did that too but after about 4TB they will close you account. They inclueded Network traffic in the price. Tried it with 4 different accounts.