Want to test rclone mount

So my current setup is plexdrive v4 mounting rclone crypt and rclone mounting plexdrive to decrypt and plex pointing to rclone mount. It works great with plex_autoscan but the problem is that it’s read-only. I have had the same setup for over 2yrs with 0 issues. I have tried rclone mount with cache when it was first available but it wasn’t working out. I also tried plexdrive v5 and it was way slower compared to v4 on my box.

The plex server is only for playback so I have never needed unionfs + plexdrive since seedbox with sonarr and other tools are on another box. So if I want to use rclone mount only,i assume I need rclone cache as well? Could anyone share a config that doesn’t imply having sonarr and plex on the same machine. Also I still plan on using plex_autoscan.


You probably only need vfs cache. Its faster dependning on your use case.


I’m guessing I would use cache mode write or full? When files are written to disk, is it in chunks?

Depends on your needs. If you’re just streaming then writes is fine. You should check @Animosity022 thread. It is geared toward plex.