Vps plex rclone, best settings


i have a vps 100 gb ssd, 12GB ram, xeon v6 400mbits connection up/down with gdrive connection

what settings should i use in plex and rclone to increase perf and avoid gdrive ban? (no ban for the moment) it takes 10 sec approximatively to get the movie (1GB) started

thanks in advance


Make you own API key/client ID:


What are you using now? What version are you using? Majority of the defaults are fine to use.

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I have my own api

I use vps ubuntu with last plex server and last rclone beta

Uncrypted vfs gdrive (no cache drive)

Basic settings i put default to buffer etc...

Why are you using the beta and not the latest stable version?
What settings are you using now as you did not share your mount.

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what sort of settings do you need to make your opinion? and how to get it?

it will be my pleasure to share with you these informations

rclone config
Current remotes:

Name Type
==== ====
gdrive drive
gdrive_media_vfs crypt

type = drive
client_id = xx
client_secret = xx
scope = drive
token = {"access_token":"xxx"}
no advanced config

type = crypt
remote = gdrive:crypt
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true
password = *** ENCRYPTED ***
password2 = *** ENCRYPTED ***
no advanced config

plex settings:

google api last 2 days : https://d.pr/i/4nIyD9
with 67K queries (i refreshed library plex)

Missing your actual mount command as that is where the question is from you.

rclone mount gdrive_media_vfs: /home/GD --allow-other here it is

That's pretty much solid as defaults are very good. Only thing to add would be increasing the dir-cache-time as Google Drive supports polling so this number can be large and it helps with performance:

--dir-cache-time 96h

For the gdrive or crypt one or the both?

When you start a movie via your vps, how long it takes between you click play and the start of the movie?

Thanks a lot

You mount a remote. For the remote, you'd apply that option.

It would work if the remote was a Google Drive or a Crypt remote pointing to a Google Drive. I personally use Google Drive with an encrypted remote for my Plex media.

Does that answer what you were asking as I wasn't sure.

Ok i use this only for the remote i will try and say you

i think i didn't understand what you said to me :stuck_out_tongue:
you want me to change the mount command?

from: rclone mount gdrive_media_vfs: /home/GD --allow-other
to this: rclone mount gdrive_media_vfs: /home/GD --allow-other --dir-cache-time 96h


I personally use 96 hours for my time so I don't see an issue with it. If you'd like to use a bigger cache, that's fine as well. I think you'd be fine running the mount with the dir-cache-time as set too.

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