VFS plugin for mc

He has answered me :smiley:

With this i think i will be able to do as he suggest if i see rclone:// in file url call rclone copy :slight_smile: yes!!!

ill try when i can :slight_smile:

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Nice find @osatien !
Before F5/copy I think we need to have the filesystem for rclone, that is to define open/stat/rename/delete functions as in https://www.geek.co.il/~mooffie/mc-lua/docs/html/guide/35-filesystems.md.html#Creating_a_filesystem

I’m building now mc2 with lua support and I’ll give it a go (don’t know how far I’ll get as it looks simple but I’m not sure what it expects …). Anyway if you have some progress let me know so I can find to do something that isn’t done already :slight_smile:

i have done the listings i need time to start with the copys.

i will upload to github and public here the url …