VFS cache limit


first of all, thank you for this great application.

I am using a google drive > cache (backend) configuration and have activated “–vfs-cache-mode writes” to enable uploading to this mount.

Unfortunately, I have very limited space on my Server and the vfs cache folder blows up above 15GB and more during uploading. (Filling the available space to 100% at some times)

Is there any way (parameter) to limit the size of the vfs cache dir, like it is possible for the cache-backend dir (with --cache-total-chunk-size, if I am not mistaken)?


Found a workaround that solved my problem.

In addition to "–vfs-cache-mode writes " I have set “–vfs-cache-max-age 0h0m10s”.
Which means, after successful upload there is a 10 second grace period, where the file remains in the cache and is deleted afterwards (if no new file handle is established to this file, if I am correct).
Default value vor this has been 1 hour.

This gives me a quite predictable behaviour this way.
Maybe this also helps someone else.

Excellent work around!

If you’d like to see a --vfs-cache-max-size then can you please make a new issue on github - I was thinking that we should have made that too!

That’s exactly how I handle it as well. You can even set --vfs-cache-max-age to 0m then it will be removed once the file is uploaded. :wink: