Very slow mount with http Server

I’m attempting to mount an http server, but it’s taking a very long time for the initial load. I’ve tried mounting with a few files with http too, and the Windows Explorer isn’t very responsive on those mounted files either. But maybe that’s just a Windows issue and not related to the mount.

The directory I’m mounting has around 9000 files in it. Files range in sizes from 500 MB to 1.5 GB. At the moment, I haven’t had any luck with different parameters so I’ve stopped trying to use them. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve speeds?

Rclone needs to HEAD each file to find out how big it is. It doesn’t do these in parallel (which it could maybe) so you’ll need to wait for 9,000 transactions to pass.

Can you split the directory up into smaller sizes?

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That worked really well! Thank you!

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