V1.36 bug on Google Drive sync. Works on v1.35

Theres seems to be some bug where v1.36 on linux is EXTREMELY slow, whereas v1.35 is working great.

Can someone submit a bug report?


If you have details, you can. Works for me; your mileage my vary.

Ah, interesting thanks! I’m not the most technical person so I thought someone else might be better suited than me. Basically when I do the following:

rclone sync GDrive1: GDrive2 or rclone copy GDrive1: GDrive2 using v1.36, I get speed less than 1 Mbps (0.5 Kbps)

when I do the same command using v1.36, I get 350MBps

Both in the same VPS and using the same GDrive accounts.

Not sure how to troubleshoot? It just seems a lot slower?

Have you checked the log output if there is anything diffrent?

With -vv rclone will become very verbose telling you about every file it considers and transfers. Please send bug reports with a log with this setting.

See rclone docs :: verbose