Using Rclone with existing Mega crypt remote via WebDav

I will try there. By the way, no one else can see my mega files if they have the WebDAV link, right? SInce I already posted one here, I am just making sure.

Thanks for everything. is a special IP address. This link is only accessible from your local computer. Not even other computer from your local network can access it.

Make sure that it is only IP mega CMD is listening too - maybe it is its default. I do not know. Check their documentation.

Thanks. I think it is the default one. I did not do anything special to get it. I will check it out on their forum.

On a related note, it appears that the speed did not really increase. I ran tests on the same folder for 5 minutes and the speed is comparable.

Many people reported that it helped with speed. But maybe this is not the case anymore.

Still I think it is better to use native mega cmd program to access mega drive compared to library used by rclone which is not maintained and most likely contains many bugs by now.

Wait, do you mean that rclone is not maintaining the library anymore? Or that mega is not maintaining it anymore? Sorry, I have no idea how mega works on rclone.

I will keep using the mega client then. One thing that I did notice is that it appears to have no issue with logging in. Rclone keeps failing for some reason but works when I use a VPN. I have zero clue as to why.

as per docs:

This backend uses the go-mega go library which is an opensource go library implementing the Mega API. There doesn't appear to be any documentation for the mega protocol beyond the mega C++ SDK source code so there are likely quite a few errors still remaining in this library.

Yeah, I understand. I will use the MEGACMD then. Thanks for everything.

Just another update, but it does appear to help with speed even now. I am not sure, but just for a bit, the speed seems to increase. I am using the --vv --progress flag to monitor it. I will keep updating this thread if I notice anything significant for other users experiencing issues with speed.

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Note for future users:

Alright, I just noticed another major issue. It seems that without the --transfers=1 flag, it tries to create 4 different folders when I first try to sync.

I also noticed that zero byte files have started to appear a few times and I had to manually delete them as they shared the same name. Rclone keeps telling me that I have duplicate file in my remote. It doesn't interfere with the backup, though, and all the actual files were transferred properly.

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