Using rclone to switch between credentials

Hello. Is it possible to let rclone use multiple accounts to increase the rate limit or google drive as example.

I take GDrive as example: 1000 per user per 100 seconds
The total max for all users together is: 10000 per user per 100 seconds

I have giant libary with images, videos, music etc.
I use Plex and i have to reinstall it.

I though about using UnionFS. I could create like for each media typ an own login for rclone with an own config.
1 for music
1 for series
1 for movies
1 for images

With that, each media type is separated and have it's on limit so it doesn't consume it when Plex is checking for new files and it wil go a bit faster.

Is it somehow possible that rclone can "combine" accounts to use if needed all like 10 credentials (with like tpslimit 5) to make the scan of plex faster?
It would otherwise to take about 2 or 3 months until plex has repopulate it.

If there is some workaround, i would be pleased.
Would it be possible to

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perhaps this might be helpful

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