Using rclone_sync, do I need to ...?

Using rclone sync, does that run in the background?
If so how?
rclone sync /loca/path remote:path -d? or -q?
Or do I need to add it to crontab?

No it doesn't

It just runs once normally. So if you want to run it regularly you add it to the crontab. If you search the forum you'll find lots of threads on that!

Thanks for a quick reply, crontabs added for sync, and also without questions I made a rclone crypt! :smiley:
Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!

Yea the operation is a one-off normally.
If you want to keep files continually in sync then you need to run it as a repeating task on a timer from cron so it re-checks on an interval and updates anything as needed (rclone will just skip anything that is already identical)

(sorry, replied to NCW by mistake somehow =P )

We all make mistakes! No worries!
Once again I had to refresh my crontab knowledge but now it is working as I wanted, so lets see if Jottacloud really lives up to the Unlimited storage...
4,4 TB going up on Sunday.

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