Using MD5SUM to local copy

I’m on rclone v1.52.1

I just want to make sure my operations will work as expected. I have a lot of files that have the same contents, but different names.

E.g. I have /path/to/file/1/doc1.doc

that are both the same, but different users have named them different things. I want to merge the two directories.

So I’ve made a directory called path/to/merge

and then will simply run rclone copy

I’ll do /path/to/file/1/doc1.doc and then the same for all other directories.

Rclone should compare the MD5 hash of each file before copying it, and skip the file if a version of said file exists in the destination, regardless of the destination file’s name. Correct?

In other words, using rclone copy in this fashion should leave me with all of my files in the destination directory. Checked and copied by MD5SUM (and ignored when the MD5SUM is the same). At least, that’s my understanding of copy when used on a local file system. I haven’t configured any remotes, I’m just using rclone copy path/to/files/1 /path/to/merge

hello and welcome to the forum,

after rclone copy all the directories, doc1.doc and document1.doc will exist in path/to/merge

rclone copy /home/user01/test/dir01 /home/user01/test/merge -v --stats=0
INFO  : doc1.doc: Copied (new)

rclone copy /home/user01/test/dir02 /home/user01/test/merge -v --stats=0
INFO  : document1.doc: Copied (new)

rclone md5sum /home/user01/test/merge
ca66643378f00c3c723680339fa8da80  doc1.doc
ca66643378f00c3c723680339fa8da80  document1.doc

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