Using --exclude with mount

I found in the PG script that on their more complex rclone batch script, it has exclude functions in place to not move stuff like partials created by apps that copy over the data

Would it be possible to apply --exclude='**partial~' to rclone mount with a cache?

I tried it earlier with a dummy 1GB file, I had copied it into the mounted folder and it started to immediately cache it, then after the cache-tmp-wait-time was up it then was deleted from the cache folder and subsequently the mounted folder as well.

If cache-tmp-wait-time wasn’t set to high value, couldn’t that make it so files currently being copied through Sonarr start uploading immediately and end up causing API timeouts or corrupt files/cache?

I think you’ve come across this issue:

Yup that’s it. I forgot to look through the GitHub issues first Thank you.

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