Using crypt with 2 different computers

Hi, first thank you so much for this awesome software and for having me here.

Now I have a question, I’m using rclone mount with windows 10. I have 2 different computers both with Windows 10.

I have setup my google drive account and next crypt.
I have used the same exact password for crypt and for salt on both machines.

I did the machine at my work this morning and now I’m at home and just mounted rclone crypt using all the same settings and password and to my surprise, the content I uploaded isn’t decrypted.

So is it possible to have 2 cpus using google drive with the same encrypted content?

You can copy the rclone.config from one computer to another and it should be fine.

Did you make sure the passwords look the same in the file and are mounting the same crypt remote?

Reply was so fast that I did not had time to delete my own stupid mistake.

I was mounting gdrive:secure (gdrive is the name of my google drive mount and secure is the name I gave to my crypt one).

My mistake instead of using gdrive:secure I should be using secure: and it’s working.

Such a noob mistake, really sorry. If you can, please, delete this thread.