Using Copy / Move on a Mounted Remote?

When I Mount my Remote and Try to use Copy or Move at the same time it wont work since the Remote is already used.

Is there a solution for this? I really prefer using the copy command instead of moving the files with the File Explorer.

It's a Cache remote, so I can't just create a 2nd remote that uses the same root.

Yeah, I totally forgot about marking it as Question but those template questions shouldn't be relevant for what I asked.

THe cache DB can only have one process accessing it. But you should be able to just move the files outside of the cache and the cache will invalidate what you've moved if the remote supports that or you can expire the cache yourself. There is no fix for having multiple processes access the cache DB and there is no current maintainer for the cache backend.

As an aside, are you sure you really need the cache backend?

You can also use the rc commands which include move on a running mount with the --rc parameter

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