Use gdrive to host music / plex

Hi there,

I am using gdrive to store movies and series for a long time now and it actually works like a charm.

thing is, I’m now thinking about also hosting my music on gdrive. And when I start a scan…it literally takes ages.

My question is then, who here uses gdrive to store their music libraries ? and which vfs settings are you using ?

Would be great to get some input.

thanks !!!

rclone version shows what?

Did you make your own API key/client iD?

Can you drop the log in debug and start the scan so we can see what the actual errors are?

hey there,

Ah there are actually no errors. And yes I did create my own API key.

Thing is, I launched a scan and due to “access times” I’m actually adding around 60 albums an hour to my library.

Issue is that I do have 50k albums…so building the full library at that speed will take months.

So my main idea would be to tweak the vfs settings in order to speedup the file accesses.

Can you share a log to see what the actual error is as we’re just guessing unless we have some data to look at?

sure I will put debug mode on and post the log. :wink:

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