Usage of file-from

Is it possible to use --file-from to copy the files from a remote to a local directory?
When I read the doc, it shows examples of copying files in the text file used by --file-from from a local dir to a remote but not the other way around.
is that possible?


filters work with

  • local to cloud
  • cloud to local
  • cloud to cloud
  • local to local

Thanks, should work then.
I've ti ckeck what I've done wrong, it doesn't transfer anything.

the best way to test

  • use rclone ls which will list the files but not copy/move/sync the files
  • add -vv for debug output

if the filter does not work, then post the filter file and the debug output.

note: the paths in the filter file are relative to the root of the source, not the root of the file system.

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