Uptobox flag for private file


I recently started using rclone to backup files to uptobox, unfortunately I couldn't find a flag for the files to be private and not public.
It would be really nice to have an option specific to this host to do this.

Note that sometimes the sending is blocked on 1 "transfer" then 2 then the whole queue.
This does not seem to be detected as a failure and I have to close and restart the operation which is quite annoying for automated backup tasks.

Thanks in advance and good job

hello and welcome to the forum,

might start a new topic, using help & support, answer the questions.

Probably best to open a feature request on GitHub about this and I can tag the developer of the uptobox backend.

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I have opened a feature request on GitHub : Uptobox flag for private file · Issue #6946 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

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