Uploading files in google format


#### What is the problem you are having with rclone?
Sorry if this has been asked and answered before
But I have searched the forum and I found nothing that matches what I want to ask

I have set my Google Drive to automatically convert any uploaded file in google format
My purpose is to upload my 2TB external hard drive (files of any kind) to Google Drive in google format before the Google deadline of 1st June 2021, as google format don't eat Google Drive space

So my question is, how do you upload files (any kind) to Google Drive as google format?

Is there any solution for this? Or at least some workaround?
I suppose it should be very easy but I am very new to rclone
Sorry for a silly question here

Any help will be appreciated

#### What is your rclone version?
Rclone v1.54.0

#### Which OS you are using and how many bits? 
Linux 16.04 32bit

####  Which cloud storage system are you using? 
Google Drive

#### The command you were trying to run?
rclone copy --verbose Documenti/Documents/ remote:Documenti/Documents/


hello and welcome to the forum,
we have many gdrive experts and i am sure one will stop by soon.

in the mean time, this might be helpful

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