Upload to gdrive


rclone mount:
--dir-cache-time 24h
--drive-chunk-size 256M
--log-level INFO
--vfs-read-chunk-size 128M
--vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off
--vfs-cache-mode writes
gdrive:home /home/user/drive

Are the Vfs flags and buffer-size reserved only for streaming?
What's the difference between vfs-read-chunk-size and drive-chunk-size ?

I only use rclone to upload file from vps to gdrive.
file Size max = 2GB
VPS : cpu 6 core 1Gbit port ( speed test 800Mbps dw - 770 Mbps up) - 20Gb Ram
OS : Debian 10


vfs-read-chunk-size is the range request when a file is requested from the remote.

drive-chunk-size is specific to Google Drive and it's the chunk size used for uploads.

You can just upload directly to the remote as you don't need a mount.

In order to download file to vps , I use a script which can start to download 10 files at once to mounted folder. The script is able only to download at low speed ( from 6 to 10 MB/s, about 1000kb/s each file).
Files on gdrive will be moved later by hand on different location.

Since the download speed is less than the upload speed I wonder if those "flags" are an overkill
for example Could I use default parameter ?

Sorry as I'm not following all the steps you are doing.

You don't need to use a mount to download files.

You can just use rclone copy remote: /some/local/path

and that's much faster.

No it's my fault.

I mean , I'm downloading few files to vps by running a script.
The script needs to know the path where to download the files. That's why I use a mount.
I use a mount to download "directly" every files to gdrive( internet -> vps -> gdrive )

Do you think downloading every files ( 10 files ) to vps and copy them later to gdrive is much faster ?
The flags I've used can help to speed up the whole process ?

The download speed to vps is very low , but the upload to gdrive is high .
That's why I have some doubt about the usefulness of those flags (rclone)

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