Upload multiple files with one command from the terminal

I don't know if anyone else would love this feature but I'd find it quite useful!
So first off: I've never worked with go before and not looked into the source code for more than 20 min but I think it should be possible. Lets say you can add something like a "&&" between two (or even more) files. You could then split the string and call the upload function for each file.
Please let me know if you think its possible. Also I've never contributed to an open source project and I'd love to know if there is anything I need to be aware of.

hello and welcome to the forum,

have you seen?

I have not seen that actually.
Does that also work for single files? Lets say I want to upload "thisImage.jpg" and "someDocument.txt" into the folder "A"?

yes, it works for single files

one easy way to test a filter is using rclone ls

I'll try it. Thank you so much!

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