Upload file from URL to gdrive?

I used the command rclone copyurl --checksum --progress -vv https://example.com gdrive:/File

This worked out if the link was something like (https://imgur.com/q1XCPHY.png)
but (https://imgur.com/q1XCPHY) got converted to a binary file.

For another url like
https://nl35.seedr.cc/ff_get/610754712/1917%20(2019)%20%20[2160p%20x265%2010bit%20FS80%20Joy].mkv?st=TomJkw87Mf6N43jRU_bNrg&e=1584508564 gave errors like

  1. Error: need 2 arguments if not using --stdout
  2. ' e' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

So I shortened the url to http://tiny.cc/rrlelz This uploaded the file(.mkv actually) to drive but again as binary type.
Edit: Had to use links as preformatted text, the limit was only two.

The URL contains characters the shell is interpreting - the & so put it in double quotes " and all will be fine.

rclone copyurl --checksum --progress -vv "https://example.com" gdrive:/File

Using quotes uploaded without error but in binary file type. Also while trying to download the binary file, gives this error: "Download Quota exceeded for this file"!

I would have thought the mime type would be set according to the file extension. Does the file have an extension?

I don't think rclone can do anything about that :frowning:

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