Update bandwidth limit without restart


i would love to be able to update/set the bandwidth limit while rclone is running.

I'm syncing a lot of large files (each 1gb total 2tb) of data over a slow connection. This will probably take me two weeks or so and I still need to use part of my bandwidth for working/surfing ect..
The scheduling is already pretty good and helping a lot. I just think it would be really helpful to set/unset/update the limit whenever I decide to not use the Internet and give all the bandwidth to rclone.

Because the files can not be resumed it would be a "waste" to kill the process and restart with different bandwidth limit. Especially since many files are being downloaded in parallel with different progress. So at any given time I would loose progress on a 80-90% completed file.

Maybe rclone could read the limit from a file periodically?


You can do that already: https://rclone.org/rc/#core-bwlimit

You can also toggle it on and off with a kill command on nix based systems.


Thank you so much @darthShadow and @calisro for your quick answers. This part of the documentation didn't make sense to me before for some reason. But now it does. :slight_smile:

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