Upcoming Google Drive changes "tems stored in multiple locations"

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Search forums but the results with the phrases and words don't return any useful info. Anyone else seeing this inside the Google Drive web UI > settings:

source: https://support.google.com/a/answer/10686746?hl=en

Any implications / issues with rclone and this change?


Rclone got shortcut support some time ago so nothing to worry about there.

What google are doing is changing all the objects which are in multiple directories (which you used to be able to do with SHIFT-Z in the web interface IIRC) and changing them so the object is in one directory and there are shortcuts from the other directories back to the object.

I don't know how google decides which one is the master directory which is going to receive the actual file rather than the shortcut though.

Hi Nick

Thanks for the response. Should have mentioned... I use shortcuts already but was concerned about reporting or managing the newly created shortcuts by Google after that change. is there anyway to report these within rclone?

From the official support article above, Google said this about the decision for which one is the "original":

"The replacement decision will be based on original file and folder ownership, and will also consider access and activity on all other folders to ensure the least possible disruption for collaboration."

Thanks again!

If you use rclone lsf or rclone lsjson you'll see the IDs of shortcuts look different. They are twice as long as they are two IDs glued together with a tab.

You should be able to find them like that.

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