Unlimited Drive Storage by splitting binary files into base64 :Include option to convert files into base64

Maybe some backend converting encrypted files into base64?
such hack:

I personally doubt it will be usefull, small performance, etc.
But maybe someone would like to take advantage of it.

I sincerely hope they ban this as soon as possible. Interesting project from a coding point of view. Absolutely negative from a service point of view. Drive has paying clients, I don't see how this could go toward making what they pay for better, quite the contrary, to be honest.

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Yes: great proof of concept. Should have left it at that.

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I have tried this months ago and I can tell it is damn too slow to be useful due to the 2 files per second upload limit from GDrive
Even using your own client ID wouldn't help so much
If you have the patience and a lot of time to spend, sure it is worth for use

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