Unlimited Cloud Storage via Dropbox and Rclone - Group Plan Open Spot - 30/m

Looking for a spot. PM me with telegram username.

Also looking to join a pool. Still a newbie to the forum tho so I can’t initiate a PM

This spot still open?

Did anyone with Dropbox Advanced business "unlimited" package lifted limits on more than 100TB per 3 license?

Because i use that package and my support tickets staying unresolved. They lifted limits to 20 TB, 40 TB pretty soon but getting more space is now really hard to do.

Before making the payment, I asked the support team several times if they would indeed offer me 10 PB of storage as advertised. Each time, they confirmed that they would provide as much space as necessary. However, I was doubtful and attempted to test the limit by requesting 2 PB of storage. Unfortunately, even after waiting for three months, I was unable to have the limit lifted.

Keep in mind that at one point they ask you for premission to look at your files to get more space. I use encryption and maybe they don't like it.

If is any spots available, you can count me in. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe they will only allocate realistic space as if everyone asks for PB of data they won't be able to cope with it. So for example if you currently have 100TB, you could ask them to lift it to 150-160TB. After you are close to reaching that you could ask for 200TB etc etc. If you have 100TB and you ask for 2PB they won't honor it I believe as it's unrealistic to block such a huge amount of space where you might not need it for years.

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Any Spot available >? DM me Please !

If someone wants to join my Dropbox Business Advance pool just DM

Interested in a spot. Looking for a long term slot

Did you got it sorted out?

Interested in a spot. 45To encrypted. Eu (French).

Open spots

How are you making sure people encrypt their files so you don't end up Violating TOS risking your own data?

In case of TOS violation Dropbox contact the admin requesting to delete the files involved, so the admin just need to delete the user's license and closed case.