"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

So even if you add more users, you can't request storage increase after 3 times?

Correct or at least that is what I was told by the Google Workspace Support person. It's of course not documented anywhere.

I have a good experience so far with Net Dynamics. If you look at some of their 1gig unmetered plans, you can get some servers for about $1.00/per TB. However, in order to see this pricing, you have to click on the server you want, and click order now, and once in the configuration page, there will be an option to pay monthly, or to pay for 3 months at a time. Paying for 3 months up front nets you a 25% discount, and gets you into the $1.00/ish per TB. Have a looksee;


Edit: Here You Can See For 168TB of storage, paying for 3 months up front gets you to $1.00/per TB

Specs of server;
Cores: 20 (Threads: 40)
RAM: 128 GB DDR4
Disks: 240 GB SSD +
12 x 14 TB SAS HDD
Traffic: Unmetered @ 1Gbit
Hardware RAID
Location: USA, Utah
IPMI and control panel
Subnet /29


Do you manually configure the VPSs to use RAID? Otherwise, you take a risk if the hard drives go down. Or am I missing something with regards to resiliency?

It comes with hardware raid built into the machine. You can tell them to configure whichever raid mode you want.

How was it if you upload to gdrive there is a daily limit of 750 GB.
Is this also a limit if you copy data between 2 gdrive shares?

(And there is also a running 24 hours 10 TB download limit.)

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Is anyone using the Workpace for Nonprofits? I heard that its Shared Drives are still unlimited (with the limit of 400,000 files of course).

Each user on the account can do 750gb ( I think, its been awhile ) per 24 hours, or you can upload up to a single 5TB file per 24 hours. As long as it is a single file, the 750gb rule will not apply to single files above 750gb.

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I see that currently it is not so easy to register for Enterprise standard, you need to go through sales.
And the price is also not public.

I have just checked my storage page, I'm at 84%
And I have this message

I guess this means I'm also stuck on this "level", but I had until now only 1 request to receive 5TB extra per user.

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Great info! Thanks

I just signed up for a 14 day free trial of Google Workspace Enterprise & by default was put on Enterprise Plus. I was able to downgrade to Enterprise Standard from Billing->Get more services in the admin console.

I created eight users but the shared storage is only 4TB rather than the 40TB I was expecting but I need to confirm that this is a limitation of the free trial & that I will get 5TB per user once I start paying.

I am in the UK & the cost of Google Workspace Enterprise Standard is £23.04 per user/month although you have the option of paying a one off annual payment of £230 which equates to £19.20 per user/month.

iDrive E2 seems like the best alternative for now ... but what happens if they go out of business? How does it work with S3? Would we still be able to access our S3 buckets if iDrive goes away?

The endpoint they assigned us was w4e7.la.idrivee2-49.com

Also – how can we get more robust sharing options? Via rclone we seems to be able to get a share link for a single file but not a folder. Is there any way around this?

Depending on details of "going out of business" worst case scenario all data will be lost:) But the same applies to any other provider.

iDrive has been in business longer than Google so hopefully such risk is small. On the other hand nothing is 100%.

Only way to be relatively safe is to follow basic common sense logic and e.g. always apply 3-2-1 backup rule.

using iDrive you can share all buckets:

if you require something more sophisticated and granular have a look at 3rd parties solutions, e.g.:

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Is there an open source thing similar to NirvaShare?
I assume this kind of thing needs to run on a separate server somewhere.

Has someone here made some experiences with Blomp and rclone by now?
Maybe in one of those "higher tiers"?
I've read often on the net that people complain about very slow upload-speeds.
But the pricing is very attractive, even tho a little bit confusing.
For example from the screenshot above it is evident that getting two 50TB-plans with monthly payment is cheaper than getting one 100TB-plan with 3-month payment.
I also wonder if such inconsistencies are maybe a sign that you can personally bargain with Blomp and get a better deal.

No idea.

The key here is that iDrive S3 is effectively bare storage without any fancy collaboration features (like Google or Dropbox).

If you need storage only than IMO it is very good choice but if you require much more on top then maybe you should look somewhere else.

I have been with Google since GSuite with unlimited. Their ways of one-sidedly changing rules, prices etc on a signed agreement is pretty anti consumer. I finally had enough and reported them to the consumer agency in my country., I have screen shots of all steps how they moved people from GSuite to Workspace, how the account that was paid for year after year had "Unlimited Storage", then "As much storage as you need" and how they now have just removed that line. Both from official pages but also from the account overview of those who have thar tier. All while increasing prices (which I have still paid every month), locked my account in read only mode etc. So I have been getting worse and worse service for more and more money.

Will it help, probably not. I don't feel Google really cares about consumers or consumer regulations enough. But they must at least be challenged every now and then.


This is so Google. Where is this information when people signed up? When people were forced from GSuite to Workspace.

I was told by support "add more users and we will honour the agreement of 'as much storage as you need'". But I knew that this would change as it always does. This is proof of that. Because people added more accounts to have Google honour a service they had already entered into an agreement to honour... and then they arbitrarily decide that "they can only ask for more a maximum of three times".

They seem to believe they make the consumer laws in the countries they operate in.

Hey @theoxis, how do you actually use this?
Especially the chunker and the gzip part?

Thanks in advance.