Unionfs-fuse query

hoping someone can help, not strictly an Rclone question but part of my workflow which utilises Rclone.

I have been playing around with unionfs-fuse trying to link my gdrive and local folders, I have managed this successfully…almost. I mad a mistake in which gdrive folder I inputted and need to change the details. I cannot for the life of me work out how to unmount/disconnect it.
I have tried google without success, mostly bcase i dont know what i should be googling. Its going to be something daft i’m missing (it always is)
As this is an active friendly forum i thought id push my luck and as here.

fusermount -z -u /path/to/mount normally does the trick for me.

Yup i do the same just with:
fusermount -uz /path/to/mount

You guys are brilliant. Thank you very much.
Once I’m done with the school run I’ll get back on it.
Cheers again.