Union mount stopped working correctly without config changes

It might not be so much as a question as something that happened to my config on Windows 10 using a union mount with a google drive crypted mount.

For a week or two, my rclone union mount on windows had stopped functioning correctly, without any change in my config. I discovered I could not create any new directory in the remote as stuff accumulated in my local hard drive.

I have (had) a rclone config file defining a crypted mount set up with

type = union
remotes = Z:\medias cryptedmount:

I left a union mount configuration that was done historically when I first set up my mount and let it like. It worked well until a couple of weeks ago where

The problem coincided with the announcement of Google stopping the unlimited storage, and at the time my mount on my computer, letter X: changed from appearing as a normal drive icon with a 1PB capacity and began appearing as a 'Fuse-rclone" drive with no normal drive icon.
It's a strange coincidence but some windows update also happened around that time.

The issue was that it was impossible to create new directories (mkdir errors in logs).

Wondering what was happening, I updated WinFSP to the latest version and also downloaded the latest rclone windows 64bits on the rclone download page.

But the problem persisted.

I decided to test without the union mount, mounting the crypted drive directly in my nssm command line with crypt:X:
And ... the issue was sorted.

All this just to report this if anybody had a a union mount defined that suddenly stops working.

If you would like somebody to look at it please provide all details as stated in Help and Support template.

I don't need the union mount and have no need to fix it, just reporting it stopped working either because of a google change or a windows change.

Were you over quota?

We saw a problem with rclone about returning strange values with over quota disks and this could be related.

What does rclone about say on the crypt and on the union?

I definitely was over quota.

I noticed the mounted drive took a different drive and icon and returned a different occupied / capacity than before.

The drive took the name "rclone-something" and the appearance went from a normal drive with a blue par representing space occupied on 1pb available to a simple icon indicating a maximum of 8.6pb.

I will further answer o ce im in front of the machine !

What I suspect happened is that we told Windows the free space on the drive was negative and it decided the drive was invalid. That is my guess.

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