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Can I set up a union of let's say 5 Google Drive accounts and later add more accounts when I need more space? Or do I mess the union up in some way?

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Google Drive

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Yes, you can use as many as you want.

Just to make sure I understand you correctly: I can add more accounts to an existing Google Drive union without removing the stored files?

There's very little detail in your question so it's tough to really answer.

You can union as many accounts in general as you want.

Ok, I'll try to be more specific:

Let's say I have a Google Drive union consisting of 5 accounts (75GB). I use this union to backup files from my laptop. After a while my backups are getting close to 75 GB in size so I would want to add 5 additional accounts to get a total of 150 GB space in my union. Do I need to remove my backup files from my existing 75GB union before I add those 5 additional accounts?

I think I read somewhere in the docs that accounts need to be empty when mounting in Rclone, that's why I'm asking. I may have misunderstood that part in the docs though.

Thanks for your help!

The accounts don't need to be empty.

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