Unintelligible error

I am trying to copy a small folder from Onedrive to S3

`rclone -vv --dump bodies copy OneDrive:’/Data - Crime’ S3:intellishore.datawarehouse

The error message is unintelligible

2019/03/18 21:20:48 ERROR : L⎺␌▒┌C⎼␋└␊O┼␊Y␊▒⎼⎺°D▒├▒ (1).␌⎽┴: F▒␋┌␊␍ ├⎺ ␌⎺⎻≤: ⎽3┤⎻┌⎺▒␍: 403 F⎺⎼␉␋␍␍␊┼: <?│└┌ ┴␊⎼⎽␋⎺┼=“1.0” ␊┼␌⎺␍␋┼±=“UTF-8”?>`

Has anyone else seen this?

What version of rclone?

Does it print anything else around the message or is that the whole thing?

Was there anything else in the body?

You don’t want to use --dump bodies except for debugging.

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