Unexpected EOF when using crypt on ACD with Plex

Excellent - that means the new retries feature is working properly!

@ncw Are you still investigating why these errors occur in the first place?

I think they are caused by a network disconnection of an SSL connection. What causes that I don’t know, could be Amazon, your ISP, or your router.

I’m also having the same errors as OP and others. The wierd thing about this is I have a spare dedicated server hosted in the same datacenter as my main server. And that server don’t have any issues with these EOF errors and everything is configured the same way.

So it must be Amazon doing some sneaky stuff at their end.


I did some testing. And tried to use acd_cli as my mount and everything seems to run smoothly so far. But I will have to test some more to say for sure that acd_cli is working 100%.