Unencrypt Gdrive for plex

Hello guys well im new to this forums and maybe this topic has been added but I have a different setup. here is my setup guys.

  1. I bought a seedbox that has a pre-configure option with rclone so yes rclone is built in to the seedbox and it allows your to sync your google drive to your seedbox.
  2. I sync my google drive to my seedbox and it allow me to encrypt all the drive and provided encryption keys.
  3. I transfered some files from seedbox and yes all the files are encrypted since when i log in via google drive app all the files are different.
  4. I was able to install plex server with the seedbox and since everything is pre-configure plex is able to recognize all the encrypted files and allows you to update the data base with the original files.

My million dollar question is how can i set rclone in my desktop to mount the drive and unencrypt all the folders with it so I could use my desktop as a server. I do have all configure with the proper keys but I dont know how to do it from there. FYI im a noob at this so a good guide with step by step instructions will help me. Thanks in advance.

this are the configure optons that gives me on the comand on my seedbox I will change some letters just as a security mehtod.

type = crypt
remote = :confused:
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true

Easiest way is to just copy your rclone.conf from the seedbox to your home machine.

Otherwise, you need to set it up with the same passwords/salt so you can decrypt it.

thank you what would be step by step should i go to rclone config and quit it and paste the command or how please anything help and im so sorry im new to this.

thank you what would be step by step should i go to rclone config and quit it and paste the command or how please anything help and im so sorry im new to this

the rclone.conf is a file on the seedbox.
copy it from the seedbox to your local computer.

to find the file, run this command
rclone config file

and you will get this output

Configuration file is stored at:

the seedbox doesnt give me any command promp option the only setup file that gives me is the one that i provided.

do you get a file manager, if so search for that file name.

else on your computer, recreate the config settings

I dont have a file manager everything is preconfigure and added to the seedbox. i dont get to use no comands on it like i said the only thing that lets me do is sync my drive and ask me if i want to encrypt the drive and once i encryp i could easly transfer my files to it but it encrypts them on the fly, and plex is built it to it but i dont want to use the seedbox plex server since is not to powerfull so what i wanted to do is mount the drive in my pc but allow rclone to decrypt the files so my pc plex server could detect t hem.

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