Understanding structure of encrypted directory


I created a googledrive directory with two subdirectories: laptop and laptopcrypt.

I then created a crypt googledrivecrypt, specifying the laptopcrypt directory.

At the end, I saw:

[googledrivecrypt] remote = googledrive:/laptopcrypt filename_encryption = off password = *** ENCRYPTED ***

Now when I test an upload (copy) of a folder (test) containing one file (test.png) using:

rclone copy /Users/howardm/Desktop/test/ googledrivecrypt:

then I see test.png.bin there:

rclone ls googledrive:/laptopcrypt 589783 test.png.bin

Fine. The encrypted file is there. I don’t see a folder, though.

Question: For future encrypted uploads (copy or sync) of different folders containing files, how should I do so in order to replicate the folders (folder hierarchy) in laptopcrypt such that all the files don’t simply end up in that folder as individual files?

Or, should I have done this in a different manner?

I thought I understood the notion of slashes, etc, from rsync, but now I’m confused.



I’m replying to myself:

I think I’ve figured this out:

In my situation the necessary command will be:

rclone copy /Users/howardm/Desktop/test/ googledrivecrypt:test

This will create a new test folder in laptopcrypt and stick the test.png.bin file in it.

So, this seems to be a good way to create the necessary hierarchy of folders/subfolders for a structured-folder backup.

I’d appreciate any comments if this isn’t the proper way.


Yes that is perfect. rclone does directory to directory syncing in general.

I tried to copy content from one google drive to another and put it in encrypted but it didnt seem to work well with my command.

I first created a gdrive normal and an encrypted

Name Type
==== ====
encgdrive crypt
gdrive drive

then i shared the folder i wanted to encrypt with the google drive and on the destination google drive, i set the folder to show in the root of drive and then i launched this

 rclone --verbose --transfers=5 --drive-chunk-size=32M --log-file "rclone.log" copy gdrive:"Videos/French Movies" encgdrive:"Videos_new/French Movies"

The result was that the encrypted folder was created in /Videos/ and not in Videos_new/French Movies

i think i know why…

the value of encgdrive

Value “remote” = “gdrive:Videos/”

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