Understanding --crypt-show-mapping


I just finish a very long sync to gdrive using crypt and I’m now using --crypt-show-mapping flag to get the mapping of my files.
in all the outputs, I notice 2 different kind:

1) first kind:
rclone | 2019-02-07T05:49:04.639165220Z -1 2019-02-01 20:46:24 -1 my_file_name
What does it mean ?? This does not happen for all my files. I noticed also that my_file_name also appears later in the second kind (so I assume the file is properly synced)

2) Second kind:
rclone | 2019-02-07T05:49:54.345763991Z 2019/02/07 05:49:54 NOTICE: my_file_name: Encrypts to "h3sdu5r8hd829dnfpiromgpjlvtc"
This one is pretty clear and what I want

Is there a way to get the mapping in a excel file format: 1st column: file_name, 2nd column: crypt

Thank you

You might find rclone cryptdecode easier to use than --crypt-show-mapping.

This looks like the output of rclone lsl - are you running that? If it was from the log it would have a DEBUG/NOTICE/ERROR word in it.

You can use rclone lsjson --encrypted secret: go get files with their names and encrypted names.

Unfortunately rclone lsf doesn’t support showing the encrypted names - if it did that would give you it in a csv format.


I used lsd command
So -1 means there was an error during upload i assume ? I realised there were several time the same file.

  1. Ok, I will give a try to lsjson.
    So far, I simply get the output of lsd --crypt-show-mapping in excel, then parse info i needed with excel formulas. After log cleaning, I confirmed all my files were correctly uploaded and i managed to get the hash for each of them

Thank you

That field is the size, and those -1 are probably the sizes of directories.

If you would like rclone lsf to support encrypted file names so you can use the --csv output then please please make a new issue on github and we’ll see what we can do!