Unable to update to latest version

For some reason after I do all the steps to update I keep staying at previous version.

I’m trying this on 2 different machines. One is linux Mint and the other is ubuntu. I have updated in the past without issues.

–version says 1.35

How do you update? sudo apt update && upgrade -y? We can’t guess it…

Did you try to do it manually?
wget http://downloads.rclone.org/rclone-current-linux-amd64.zip unzip rclone-current-linux-amd64.zip cd rclone-*-linux-amd64 sudo cp rclone /usr/sbin/ sudo chown root:root /usr/sbin/rclone sudo chmod 755 /usr/sbin/rclone

BTW Mint and Ubuntu is the same OS.

Previous versions of the “manual installation” script put rclone in /usr/sbin/rclone.
The new version puts it in /usr/bin/rclone.
If you’ve followed the new instructions, you can delete /usr/sbin/rclone.
You’ll probably have to do a “hash -r” in bash after you do that so bash finds the new rclone.

“If you’ve followed the new instructions, you can delete /usr/sbin/rclone.”

this worked!

thank you

Yes, I corrected the mistake in the docs without thinking of the consequences… That is a good way to fix it.