Unable to log onedrive in rclone app

when I try to login to using the link rlcone gives me I get this strange error and I don't know how to log

Request Id: a141f440-cd6e-42bd-8b00-ee1ca33c0400
Correlation Id: 0c146030-1bec-41a4-bdcb-a9f0db2e95af
Timestamp: 2020-11-12T23:06:41Z
Message: AADSTS90093: The directory object quota limit for the Tenant has been exceeded. Please ask your administrator to increase the quota limit or delete objects to reduce the used quota.

I'm using rclone version 1.50.2 on popos 20.04

hello and welcome to the forum,

that is a very old version of rclone, best to update and test again.

I'm now running 1.53.2 that should be the last version and getting the same issue, thanks for the fast reply

often, updating solves strange problems.

so when do you get that strange error?

when rclone opens up the browser and asks me to login I set email and password, login, accept the request and get the message I've copypasted above

that does not seem to be a rclone error but a response from microsoft azure.

did you try to search the net for Message: AADSTS90093?
for example,


I've googled about this but the code refers to azure server stuff, I don't have azure account or any server with them, I only made this onedrive buisness account, I thought there was a problem with the link generation or something like that, any clue how to solve?

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