Unable to copy files up to 5Gb to S3

I got your point.

But the fact is, in my case it is mandatory, even if I am part of 1% of the users.

So, may be in the doc, you could add a specific mention "Warning, token could be mandatory".

as i mentioned, please, go ahead, create an issue at github, see what the developers think.

imho, my point is your issue was not about session tokens. you had that in your very first post.

your issues were just simple, new to rclone type of stuff, setting correct values in config file, removing wrong flags, etc..
at the top of the topic, myself and ncw listed all the issues with your config.
and in your last, working config, you made all those changes.

Not sure 'could be mandatory' works as mandatory is either yes or no and not halfway.

If' I'm understanding it, it's a particular use case that it is required so that perhaps could be added to the docs. No need for an issue, just create a doc update pull request and it'll get discussed there.

Having another example in the docs even for the 1% use case sounds like a good thing.

good point.

@Keryss, if you do create the githib pull request, please post the link here in this topic.

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