Unable to add a onedrive to rclone config get error 401

when i try to add a onedrive to rclone i get error instead of add, tried two different onedrive accounts, this is on linux debian 8

2019/01/11 19:33:58 Failed to query available drives: HTTP error 401 (401 Unauthorized) returned body: “{\r\n “error”: {\r\n “code”: “InvalidAuthenticationToken”,\r\n “message”: “CompactToken parsing failed with error code: 8004920A”,\r\n “innerError”: {\r\n “request-id”: “dea26d3f-3ebe-4798-a6ef-82b44991e973”,\r\n “date”: “2019-01-11T19:33:58”\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}”

an ideas please

Somewhat embarising turns that the issue was BCAC user was an idiot, the headless machine was on latest version and the headed one used to get the key was older so incompatible got this error. Update to match and all works as should.

Actually the error message looks like it might be a DOS line endings vs linux line endings problem