Two mounts in different PC

Is it okay if I have same storage mounted on two different machine and work on them same time?

I have crypt_drive: config which I have already mounted on my PC and works, I want to mount the same crypt_drive on a different device and use as a back-end for NextCloud.
Will it be problematic if I mount the crypt_drive on a different device as well?
Will parallel reading/writings work properly?
Is there any potential issue?


Nope as it would work fine.

Just have to think about collisions at some point and how you are writing.

Let's see A writes to the same cloud spot and finishes at 10:01am and B writes the same file at 10:02am as it would overwrite what A did.

Would be no different than anything other mount locally writing files.

Since you missed the template though, it's tough to give advice since we are missing versions, what backend you are using, what mount command, which is why we have the template to I can only give generic answers.

Why did you delete the template and not use it? The wording says:


Did you find that not clear or would there be better wording to ensure that you would use it?

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Thanks for the answer.
Sorry for avoiding the template, I was trying to ask a generic question.

Thank you once more!

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