Trouble with excludes

Hi all.

I am having trouble with rclone on my Synology when setting up a nightly sync, this is my command

rclone sync --progress /volume1/homes/ hetzback:/synohomes/ --exclude "#recycle/**" --exclude "#snapshot/**" --exclude "@eadir/**" --bwlimit 1M

The folders


Are system created directories and cannot be renamed.

I have tried a few variations of the folder names but as it seems to always copy the folders and the contents. I am sure its something I am doing wrong and whilst I have read the --exclude documention a few times over I am missing something obvious no doubt.

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

From what I can tell, your command should work... :thinking:

If you include more information asked for in the template (especially version and log) you will have better chance of getting help solving your issue.

Hi Dimtar,

A quick tip to troubleshoot filtering issues and hopefully correct part of your filter:

rclone lsl /volume1/homes/ --exclude "**/@eaDir/**"

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